21 Apr 2009 Further Proof That I Am Totally Inadequate
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I absolutely positively cannot seem to teach math from a book.  There.  I said it.  I think it probably stems from my ADHD and dyslexia issues, but I cannot really be sure.  

It isn’t that I do not understand the math.  I really do in my own weird way which might not in any way resemble the way that the math books say I should be doing it.  It isn’t that the books we have used (and they have been many by many top-rated publishers of math books) did not do a great job of explaining things.  I just happen to have an amazing ability to turn the perfectly sensible information from a perfectly sensible math book and turn it into gobbledy-gook when trying to teach it to my children.  

The good news?  Apparently, I’m pretty good at teaching math as long as I avoid referring to anything in a book.  My children are actually doing well in math this year.  They are understanding everything they are given to do, are making their best math grades ever and have even stopped whining over math lessons.  I’m still struggling with WANTING to refer to a math book if for no other reason than to have some idea of what order I should be teaching things in.  I think I scare my children when I even approach their old math books these days…. Sigh. 

Now, what on earth am I going to do with the math books?

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    Keep them for reference! :) And one of your kids may turn out to like math books! haha

    You are obviously not inadequate though :)

    I couldn’t teach math without a book to save my life! :-p

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